About the art of framing

About us

  Established in 2005, our company has set out to bring beauty to people's homes, making it accessible and desirable.

  At that time, we were particularly interested in those who wanted advice on framing and decorating interiors using our products. For this, then, as before, we provide to those interested, besides experience and professionalism, the following:

  • wood and plastic frames, over 2000 models
  • normal and textured cardboard for passepartouts
  • normal and reflective glass of 2 mm
  • fastening and support accessories (nails, hangers, clamps, photo hinges ...)

  Customers who have crossed the threshold have found a firm with upward dynamics, in line with the techniques and technologies used in framing, but also with the latest trends in interior decoration. Thus, our stocks are reviewed every 3 years, and from 5 to 5 years we are making major changes.

  10 years ago our company has also focused its attention on those who skillfully and painstakingly realize the beautiful: plastic artists. For them, but not only,we offer:

  • oil colors
  • acrylic colors
  • BBC canvas workbench with irreproachable treatment
  • wood or plastic palettes

  We also offer consignment services and space (small, but warm) for personal exhibitions (in advantageous conditions).

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